We Offer healthier lifestyle.


An INNOVATIVE Life was born out of the desire and the need to revolutionize the way health, fitness and aesthetic results are achieved.

All too often, motivation wanes with time. Emotions go up and down with progress or lack there-of. Frustrations build, hope of ever achieving the goal decreases and before you know it, you feel defeated and quit. And maybe you are worse off than when you started.

You focus on and obsess about what is not working, your weaknesses, the conflicting information on the internet, the pressures of social media, and you wind up feeling like a failure. Add that sense of doom to the medical or health issues that you are struggling with, burdened by or that is costing your life, and what is the result? Well, to be quite honest, NO result – just a feeling of being alone, that nothing will ever work and that you weren’t “meant” to live your optimal life.

An INNOVATIVE Life is passionate about EMPOWERING you to transform your life.

We help you to achieve your health and fitness goals from a whole-life, Functional Medicine health coach-approach.

What does that mean? It means that our team of highly trained and experienced Innovators (coaches) look at your past health history, current health (and medical conditions), your fitness level, goals, strengths, areas of opportunities, past and current habits, and any limiting beliefs to co-create a plan that will get you the results that you want. With this INNOVATIVE approach you achieve more in less time. You “show up” healthier, happier, and achieve a greater sense of personal accomplishment and fulfillment. We ensure the results are long lasting and the rewards are greater than imaginable. Embrace the movement. Sign up now to begin creating YOUR Innovative life!